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Lilli Agro

Straw pellet suitable for all animals!


Our factories are located in the Baltics!
We have used and sold straw pellets for 3 years.

Free samples available!


Does it need too much effort to clean stable?
Why is a horse coughing, although everything in the stable "seems" to be OK?
Does it take a lot of material for making up beddings for horses??
Is your muck constantly overflowing?
Does a muck breakdown process feel to take forever?
Do you feel that the storage for used bedding material to be something special?
Does it still stink in stable?
Have mold in the litter?
If some of these problems seem familiar to you, then straw pellet can resolve all these concerns problems listed above.

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We give guarantee!
Price includes transportation to your home, ask for an offer!

Contact tel: +372 5046 476, info@lilliagro.ee 


Straw pellets are always immediately available in stock. Welcome!



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