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Straw pellet suitable for all animals!


Our factories are located in the Baltics!
We have used and sold straw pellets for 3 years.

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Customers praise straw pellet

09.02.2013 22:01

Hello Bruno,

You asked for feedback about the straw pellets, now that we are using it for a while. I think it's a very pleasant stable bedding for the horse as well as for the owner or caretaker!

The horse have a comfortable bedding to stay and sleep on, it quickly absorbs most of the moist, urine and what surprises me is that it absorbs all of the ammoniac smell. 

This time of the year it is very humid in Switzerland and I noticed that the bedding is a little more moist. Therefore, I need to add more bags of new straw pellets to keep the stables comfortable and dry. 

Cleaning the stables it's less work and much easier than with straw or flax. In addition the amount of waste is amazingly little, so the dung hill doesn't grow very fast, which is a big advantage for us. Furthermore also the reduction of storage space is remarkable!

Kind regards,

Vera H.

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